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ECO leather is cool

Since I became a vegetarian I found out that it is very hard to find shoes and clothing made ​​of non-animal leather. Yesterday I was looking for designers who have in their kolekacjach products “friendly” to the animals. What did I learn? Certainly Stella McCartney creates vegan clothing. And this is bad news, because Stella is unfortunately the only one among the “great” designers that promotes this kind of lifestyle. At least this is the info I found on Google, if you know anything more about it let me know. :) Thus, all

First time with Dzmitry Samal :)

We change, we change style and interests … During our lives we gain experience, both good and bad. Today I want you to discover my great love for the works of a famous designer – Dzmitry Samal. In the pictures you can see his glasses. They are so great that it is hard for me to take them off ;) The futuristic forms are Samal’s showcase. Dzmitry knows what he wants when he creates the next beautiful pieces of art. That’s is simply fenomenal. He certainly does not lack

Dzmitry Samal design

Dzmitry Samal is a contemporary designer, based in Paris. WWW.SAMALDESIGN.COM Starts his career as a car designer for Italian and French car manufacturers such as “Stile Bertone” and “Renault”. One of his latest creations is a line of design-oriented glasses “Dzmitry Samal”, which I simply adore <3 The collection completely reflects the personality of the artist, it underlines the wilingness to be outside the boring life and shows the way to express yourself. It combines both a futuristic and a retro vision of design, mixing vintage aesthetic