First time with Dzmitry Samal :)

First time with Dzmitry Samal :)

We change, we change style and interests … During our lives we gain experience, both good and bad.

Today I want you to discover my great love for the works of a famous designer – Dzmitry Samal. In the pictures you can see his glasses. They are so great that it is hard for me to take them off ;)
The futuristic forms are Samal’s showcase. Dzmitry knows what he wants when he creates the next beautiful pieces of art. That’s is simply fenomenal. He certainly does not lack of clients… the fashion connoisseurs really appreciate individual projects as such :)
I think you have definitely noticed the purple pouf in the pictures. It is known that after moving into a new apartment we use to have a lot of expenses and the purchase of the couch is a plan for the future. When I saw it on I thought it would be a relevant modern choice. As for me, one of the positive sides is their look – very stylish… plus price, which is much lower than the price of the armchairs. Perhaps I do not have to say how good the color of the pouf fits well with the color of the glasses by Samal! :)
And the leggings! Very sexy, for self-confident women, and not for people fearful of experimenting. I am sure there is a lot of these, and for this reason Trash arrived, where you can buy an extra projects. Less crazy leggings are also available – already checked ;) But you know, I prefer the crazy ones ;)

sequin buty

Dzmitry Samal

Dzmitry Samal

Herej marynarka

markowe okulary

stylowe pufy
Sunglasses – Dzmitry Samal
Shoes –
Jacket – Herej
Jewerly – diva
Leggings – Trash
Pouf –


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