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Seart Bedroom – luxurious minimalism

I decided to arrange the apartment in minimalist interior decor. It is worth noting the importance of the colors of the individual elements. Bedrooms should be cozy. You’ve already seen what effect can be achieved through the proper beds with beautiful decorations, bed throw and pillows. But this time you can see the how the bedroom looks like right now. I am very pleased with the perfectly smooth white walls, where you can see the contrasting orange sockets and switches from Bticino. They are quite expensive, but at the same time they

The last days of the Ukrainian Fashion Week and Fashion Euro 2012

The Ukrainian Fashion Week is a huge event in Ukranie, everywhere write and talk about it. Even if the event run over one week ago, on TV it is still a heading topic. Immediately after the fashion week, it was held Euro Fashion 2012, but the name about? This is a show of 16 designers from across Europe. The idea came from the upcoming football matches in Euro 2012. Poland was represented by La Mania – Some dresses are in the pictures below. The motorcycle enjoyed great popularity because, as the owner

Ovoart – modern designers furniture

I’m sure you’ve already seen the my apartment with a clock from OVOART, in one of the previous articles. Now I want to tell you about the unique things that I found in the store. I will not write much about how much I did not want to have another kitchen from Ikea… maybe the same one my friends have in their house. So … once again I can say that I am sure that the Internet has much more to offer than you might think. OVOART

First time with Dzmitry Samal :)

We change, we change style and interests … During our lives we gain experience, both good and bad. Today I want you to discover my great love for the works of a famous designer –┬áDzmitry Samal. In the pictures you can see his glasses. They are so great that it is hard for me to take them off ;) The futuristic forms are Samal’s showcase. Dzmitry knows what he wants when he creates the next beautiful pieces of art. That’s is simply fenomenal. He certainly does not lack

Rhum and Dominicana…

So … I have got Rum directly from the Dominican Republic. I like that kind of gifts, especially when they perfectly fit the mood of my look. I always loved feminine styles of dresses. This Kartes-moda dress is a great one. Business style and classy in one – such things are an integral part of my wardrobe. Surely you noticed the stylish 80sPurple glasses, what do you think about them? I know they are amazing …


You have already seen this dress on my FB fanpage and now it’s time to show it on me ;) King Kong’s paws look very stylish. This is an unconventional piece of clothing, which I simply adore. It is a pity that I could not have this dress on my senior prom. I will not mention that I love the designer that creates Trash clothing. The name of the brand – Trash – is brilliant for me. With this I announce that there will be a lot