Bunny Bleu look

Bunny Bleu look

The weather favors making new outfits, it is starting to be warm and sunny. This makes me happy, because it means that there will be more entries and looks in my blog, not to mention the great mood that spring brings.
You’ve already seen the Bzik sweater in one of my previous posts and I decided to show it in a more loose style. As you can see I am wearing the Bunny Bleu flat sole shoes. I do not always like to wear heels, sometimes and especially during the weekends I prefer to relax from the “Chic style” and dress more sporty ;)
I think it’s hard to call the sweater sporty, but certainly it is not business dress code. I let myself in a total freedom…
What I love about the Bunny Bleu boots? They are so original, gilded and perfectly fit Lime Crime lipgloss;) and also something else about them, but I’ll tell you in another post where I will be wearing these shoes once again ;p

bunny blue buty

lime crime błyszczyk

zimowe buty

okulary 80spurple

biżuteria diva

Jewerly – diva
Sunglasses – 80sPurple
Sweater – Bzik
Shoes – Bunny Bleu


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