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HeelCondoms on Styleup shoes

Hello :) Today I would like to show you an extraordinary add-on for your beloved heels. It is called Heel Condoms. I fell in love the first time I saw them on the HeelCondoms website. They are amazing! They can turn your ordinary heels into something magic. Your old heels will turn into something completely new. Everybody will surely think you got brand new amazing heels XD. Isn’t it nice? What do you think about the Heel Condoms? Look at the

Neon Lips

Color lipsticks are so far the most decorative cosmetics of this season. I wrote about lipsticks some time ago, but this time I googled for cool colors which can create a cool effects in the whole makeup. Below you can see some examples of how neon lips look like. I am positively shocked! I really like this effect and I think I will try soon one of the colors below. What do you think about them? Which color do you prefer?