Póki nie ma mrozów…

Póki nie ma mrozów…

Finally, it’s Saturday! I love this day so much and I love to spend this day in my favourite cafe with my friends and family.
The best thing about Saturadys is that all the thoughts about my job, past and future are gone and I am absolutely relaxed enjoying my coffee and my fantastic life.

I hope that you can see my happiness from the photos. On the pictures I am dressed in the fabulous ROCKGEWITTER leather jacket from Conley’s. The rock style of this jacket and the color are adorable. It is worth to mention that the quality of the jacket is excellent.
Can you see the Sequin boots from the picture? They are extra high. I adore them for their look, quality and comfort. I am very happy to have them in my collection :)

Jacket – Conley’s
Top – Reebok
Jewelry- diva
Boots – Sequin
Lipstick – Lime Crime


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