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Póki nie ma mrozów…

Finally, it’s Saturday! I love this day so much and I love to spend this day in my favourite cafe with my friends and family. The best thing about Saturadys is that all the thoughts about my job, past and future are gone and I am absolutely relaxed enjoying my coffee and my fantastic life. I hope that you can see my happiness from the photos. On the pictures I am dressed in the fabulous ROCKGEWITTER leather jacket from Conley’s. The rock style

Photo shoot with Gatta

Finally I received the photos from Gatta and I decided to publish them immediately ;) I have chosen a classical style and I have few jewels, but this is not typical minimalism ;) Open arms, jacket, leather skirt and scarf make the outfit quite elaborated. The photos were shot by a very friendly photographer, she is so professional and nice… you can see it from the pictures as well. You can see also my friends’outfits which also looked beautiful.

Evening in the city – diva event part 2

In the event Photo Shoot diva  we had to prepare an evening outfit for young girls. I opted for an interesting dress branded Quontum. I think that it is very beautiful and original. What do you think about it? Do you also like the color stripes in the back? You can get it in the English shop Quontum, it looks like that the collections there change fast, so if you like something in their shop I suggest you to take a fast decision :) What about the jewelry.

Photo shoot with Diva jewelry

One of the shops diva is near my house. I always liked this brand and you can imagine how happy I was when I was invited by diva for a photo shoot! I would like to thank all the girls and the brand diva for the great time we spent together! The event with diva jewelry was a great occasion thanks to which I knew more about the brand, I met cool people from the Company and I personally met the most popular Polish bloggers :D You can see below how this meeting was.