Looking for inspiration

Looking for inspiration

My loves!

Passio and inspiration – that’s what people look for even for all life long and if they find it, we call it happiness.
But do we have search the happiness? I think that doing what we really like following our passion, inspiration comes… and then happiness :)

 Eeach time I publish a post on my blog I am happy that I can share my passion with others :D The same is right now.

In the pictures below you can notice, that this time in my look appeared striped leggings from Felicee. These tripes nicely elongate the leg and the black inserts make them thinner. Hehe, you now know why I liked these leggings so much :)

Not only I like their patter, but I also like the the quality of the material. We know – leggings must be perfect in order to feel good in them.

 A really interesting “add-on” is one of the FOX TAIL from Dolls Kill.  Currently, a hit of the season ;)

The foxtails from Dolls Kill are featuring an industrial strength nickel hardware for clipping it onto your bag, belt loop or wherever you like! P.s. it’s a very stylish one as you can see from the pics.
And what do you think about the wedges? I really like wedges, because they are very comfortable and they look really good. My wedges Sequin have these two features…. I suggest them to people who love heels and at the same time they do not like walking with them :)

Jacket – Romwe
Leggings – Felicee
Fox Tail – Dolls Kill FOX TAIL
Earrings – diva
Wedges – Sequin


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