Band or cap?

Band or cap?

When I was a child I didn’t like caps of any kind, it always took a lot of time for me to put it on and I always tried to run away from my cap :D
I even do not remember why it was like this, any way in this look you don’t see any cap ;) However I will show you a band, which I simply adore.

Take a look at the big and awesome Alefajnatorebka bag I have on the pics, isn’t it cool? This time ALL I wanted to take with me for a walk was in my bag for the first time! Well, I adore things, which are original and very pretty.

Red pants TB Sport are ideal for people, who like to look classic and elegant. The price of these pants is little and the quality is outstanding, in Zara I would pay for it at least 4 times more. Those pants look amazing together with high wegdes.

Pants – TB Sport
Bag – Alefajnatorebka
Bracelet – Felicee
Necklace – diva
Wedges – Sequin


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