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And today rapaciously. As you noticed I like simplicity, combined with an interesting typeface or crazy accessories … I noticed that I love cat patterns. Surely you know that on Saturday I adopted a female cat from the animal shelter. Better not ask me how I called it. When I was with her at the vet, I wer asked her name 5 times: D Well my fantasy has no limits :) I decided that I love animals, just a pity that the cat is not a vegetarian, but it has

On the chest

Much is happening so far… I am invited to various events, I try to keep up when it comes to fashion events and I am glad that I generally receive such information via email from 3rd party people. It is really very nice to receive mass emails. Recently I thought about the fact that fashion is growing beyond history. You can not control it, it is beyond the control of government and society. I mean that in fashion many important things happen simultaneously and this cannot be systematized. It is very

Leaves rain

I love autumn! Living in a big city full of cement makes you miss the beauty of the nature, so this time I decided to find some pice of nature in the city. You can see the effect on the pictures below, isn’t awesome? Nature can be a source of inspiration for everyone, it gives the energy to be stronger and helps us to find the real beauty in our lives. The jellow background was perfect for the stylization. To add more contrast I decided to to put on the black