S. Oliver motorbike boots

S. Oliver motorbike boots

I love autumn, especially when it is warm and sunny.
The day I made the photos for this look, the weather was extremely fine. As you can see in this look the basis are the leather materials: leather vest and leather Conley’s jacket.
Black s.Oliver boots pefectly fit the leather outfit, they were my inspiration for this session. Since months I was looking for comforatble and warm shoes like this. The ideas for the look with these shoes were so many, that when I have found the perfect pair I was really wery happy!

Leather sets belong to classic outfits, that is why I wanted to add something original to the stylization – my black and white leggings were a must have in this particular look.

Leather jacket – Conley’s
Leggings – Felicee
Vest – Romwe
Boots – Kuzo


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