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Black – everlasting fashion

I’ve always liked this color. Everyone looks thinner, more elegant and natural in black. When you do not want to combine with your outfit, it is better to opt for classic. The set from the pictures below is great for the cold weather. Oversized sweaters currently occupy the first place in my closet.  The top like this fits fabulously with the black booties and the knee-highs or gaiters. The Toledo Jewelry completed the stylization, so everything looks perfect together.

In wonderland

This look reminds me of Alice in wonderland. The fairytails heroes can give you a lot of inpiration – in fact, I did not know about it. The thing is that everything that surrounds can inspire when using the power of love. Creativity and success grow from love for things and people. When talking about my look, the dominating color is violet. Loose Romwe cardigan gives the outfit the right humor. I wouldn’t be myself if the set was too delicate. Heavy s.Oliver boots and