Eco-friendly swimsuit | Sardinian beach

Eco-friendly swimsuit | Sardinian beach

Freesk is a brand from Philippines which contacted me on Instagram in order to have a collaboration. This brand manufactures clothes and swimwear from organic materials (unfortunately not all models). In addition, I liked the philosophy of the company for which it is very important to comply with the Fair Trade Terms and implement it by buying materials from reliable suppliers, supervised by a special institution Fair Wear Foundation. FWF cares about people rights and promotes fair labor conditions in the clothing industry.

As you can see the brand has a philosophy, which I am very eager to support and present here on the blog. You all know, that this topic is very close to me and for many years I have written about similar cases in my own column in polish magazine called “Vege”. Therefore, I encourage you to buy things from reliable companies, although there are few brands that care about ethics in business, however I am glad that there are some and it seems that the number starts growing. I will try to share with you all the newly discovered clothing brands for vegans and vegetarians, as well as those producing clothing from organic materials or supporting ecology in any other way. If you are interested in natural and organic cosmetics, I often share my opinion about ne products on the blog, but also on Instagram and Facebook.

Eco-friendly swimsuit

As regards to the swimsuit I have chosen a classic and very practical model. Black is definitely a color that will never go out of fashion. Almost have forgotten to mention about the fabulous material, which requires particular attention – it is amazing and will serve many years.












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    Fajne zdjęcia z wakacji! :)

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