70s suede skirt with metal zipper | Cracow

70s suede skirt with metal zipper | Cracow

70s fashion undoubtedly came back this season. Today I wanted to say a few words about the trend, which is particularly close to me and I love to wear it myself. My wardrobe is not the set of all trends, inside there are only carefully selected items that I like. Last year I was very strongly connected to the minimalism and from that period few things remained like the amount of clohtes in my wardrobe and the way I combine colors, but in this season I am not necessarily a fan of classic cuts.

The Style Change

My light style change is primarily related to the change of my lifestyle. Now I am very close to the yoga philosophy and I pay a lot attention to the ayurvedic, ecological & healthy diet. In general I always had it with me, but I’ve never walked in practice so deeply and with such regularity, as the current case.

Although minimalism is also very convenient, at some point, I felt limited, because all my wardrobe has changed to only black and white. It was hard to break up from my comfort zone, as minimalism seems so safe – yes, you are limited, but a good thing is you can’t make any mistake. So you just stuck in one scheme. In addition, I started to straighten my hair, because my crazy curls did not fit the minimalist style.

From the old scheme remained a rule to not exaggerate with accessories, but the most important is that the simple black suit changed to lightness present in the boho style. Finally there is a trend, that suits me 100%. Sometimes I like to mix it with the classics and contrary for fun and you might be surprised by you can achieve a really interesting combination. For example, in this outfit I used black color, which underlines the fact that I remained faithful to the classics, however long fringes and suede skirt with metal zipper are not classic any more.

Yoga introduced into my life more awareness about what true beauty is. Boho style reflects the nature, naturalness and reminds me of freedom. So just symbolically I freed myself from the rigid rules.

70s sued skirt with metal zipper

I mentioned a few sentences earlier of suede skirt with metal zipper, which comes directly from the 70s and reminds me of famous hippie style. Personally I really like an A cut of the skirt, because it makes my legs and waist look awesome. Fringes by the way also perfectly fit into the boho style.

Photography Sergiofoto.pl




Styling | OOTD

Suede skirt with zipper (eco suede) – New Look
Top with fringes – New Look
Bag – Fornarina


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