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Black Nike Air Max 90 | Street fashion

It was a long time you haven’t seen me in this kind of looks on the blog… I feel like I’m coming back to the classic sets from 2 years ago, when it was all about classic and balance o my website. The whole set is preserved in the classic black and white and you definitely need to pay special attention to my new Nike Air Max 90 shoes from   Photography    

ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo | Fall 2016

This time I wanted to share with you some beautiful pictures of a great brand from New York ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo. It is quite fresh and very modern, simple yet sophisticated, offering beautiful pieces for both men and women. Simple styling goes together with incredible elegance, which makes it impossible to not fall in love with Melillo style. On the pictures below is presented fall 2016 collection. In fact, I could have all the things presented below in my wardrobe, because they perfectly fit me stylistically as well as the colors look really great. This collection

Minimalism. Orsay dress [Sardinia]

As always I remain minimalist. I’m wearing the Orsay dress, it is a pity that this model was not available in other colors, I would gladly buy it, because it’s perfect. Minimalism is so good that even without being a model you can look good and beautiful. In my opinion, minimalism is the best form of communication, because there are no distracting elements that prevent seeing the truth. It is not only about fashion, but also about the lifestyle. It is worth to pay attention to every single moment of life