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Straw hat, boho dress & fringes | Boho style

Hope that you all have enjoyed the vegan cake recipe from the previous post, because today’s proposal perfectly fits into the topic of healthy eating. This article is about how to look boho chic, which reminds me most of all about beauty of being natural and about enjoying small but equally important things in order to feel happy and present. It’s amazing how lifestyle changes can have a direct impact on the rest. I refer not only to the style change, but above all the important point was changing eating habits, which

Aztec dress by Orsay | Street fashion

Recently, I am in love with every thing connected to boho style. I feel this style in the city air, that is why I really often like to dress this way. Anyway, as you can see in the pictures below this aztec dress is perfect for the hot summer days. It is colorful, loose and extremely comfortable. Photography