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Fitness & yoga girl | Hotel Intercontinental Warsaw

The photos were taken at the Intercontinental Hotel in Warsaw on the 28th floor. I wanted to show you a few silhouette shots. Of course, the more I practice yoga and pole dance the more results you will see on the blog.




Styling | OOTD

Pants – New Look
Top –

My diet | How I lost 15 kg? How keep the weight off?

I wanted to write this post, because many of you keep asking me about my diet, how to lose weight, how to have such a waist, etc. I do not support reducing amount of food, because I think that in the long run it will not work, and the stress generated by denying yourself something, in this case restricting the amount of food, causes even more frustration and stress, which negatively affects the body and can cause diseases, which in turn will create more overweight and so on. In my opinion, only a healthy

Floral pants & crop top | Street fashion

When I started my adventure with doing Yoga everyday, my whole life changed. I started to eat healthy and now I choose comfortable clothes, which I was not able to wear previously. I just feel myself wild and free like I never did before. This time I’ll show you a pair of floral pants, which I’ve combined with black sneakers and short crop top. Photography