My diet | How I lost 15 kg? How keep the weight off?

My diet | How I lost 15 kg? How keep the weight off?

I wanted to write this post, because many of you keep asking me about my diet, how to lose weight, how to have such a waist, etc. I do not support reducing amount of food, because I think that in the long run it will not work, and the stress generated by denying yourself something, in this case restricting the amount of food, causes even more frustration and stress, which negatively affects the body and can cause diseases, which in turn will create more overweight and so on. In my opinion, only a healthy body is perfect, and when we are healthy, we don’t have problems with the weight. Thus the main conclusion is that if we have a problem with weight, we should not start a draconian diet, but we rather check what is wrong, because it is very likely we have a health problem, for example hormones are often the root cause of weight problems on women.


How I lost 15 kg weight and got rid of acne



When my scale was showing 15 kg more than it’s showing now, I tried to reduce food, practice some sport, but the weight was still indicating the same weight. It’s really not about quantity, because I lost weight by eating a lot more than before. Being on a drastic diet I was drinking low in calories juice without sugar, I wasn’t eating any fat, I even resigned from eating of bread and I stopped consuming flour, sweets and confectionery products. I resigned literally from everything, and I felt worse and worse. From time to time I had pangs of hunger, then I ate a lot and it made me feel even worse. I know how it feels to be on a low-calories diet. Such a diet can give you short-term effects damaging health (not only physical health, but also mental). In addition on my clean face began to appear acne, so my state of my started to be even worse, and the problem became more and more annoying. Unfortunately, conventional medicine wasn’t able to help me, especially when it comes to acne. Yes, I went to many doctors, physicians, dermatologists, gynecologists, etc – I’ve lost a lot of time, the problems remained and my mood became worse.


Montignac diet – glycemic index

After some time I started to have problems with the amount of sugar in the blood. After the 3 hours glucose blood test, my physician said that I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia, which most probably I genetically inherited it from my ancestors and I am highly risking diabetes, so I have to keep controlling my diet and my health from time to time. These words were to me a good motivator to find a solution, the right solution. I then decided to radically change my eating habits and I decided to try the Montignac diet, which does not restrict the quantity of food and gives priority to products with a low glycemic index. I how much I wanted to, I used large amounts of unrefined olive oil extra virgin too cook or to eat it raw on bread and salads, I ate a confectionery products (only after lunch or dinner, never before or instead), and I started to loose weight I was feeling great. I finally didn’t have the feeling that eating I was doing something wrong. This diet helped me a lot, and after 3 months, hypoglycemia completely disappeared :) It’s worth to add that my physician told me that it will never be completely healed, but it’s now healed! On this diet, I have lost weight once and for all. However, acne and hormonal problems were still a sore subject for me. When it comes to the Montignac diet be careful to sources of information, some websites create their own Montignac diets, so use only the diet that is described on his books – no online tutorials and forums, I saw there many fake information, diets, wrong suggestions and misunderstandings that are completely contradictory to what Montignac wrote in his books.


Joga an Ajurveda

When I started to practice joga and gave up meat consumption, I learned about the popular and well-known mainly in the east medicine system – Ayurveda. I found out that the diagnosis is done quite differently there than in conventional medicine and there are no drugs. Food and valuable grasses and herbs that nature offers us are the medicines. It appealed to me the fact that Ayurveda says that the body can heal itself, if the right conditions are met. Thus I decided that I would like to try it for myself.

I read the book “The Ayurvedic Cookbook” and then I went to an Ajurveda doctor. I learned that diseases, including overweight, come from an imbalance in our body. Food influences our bodies, but you know what? What we eat and drink also influences our mind, or emotional and mental state. It’s easy to prove it… it’s enough to drink some coffee and we start to think faster and more efficiently, or we start to be nervous – every person reacts differently to different products, and it is connected to the constitution of our body (in sanscrit prakriti and vikriti). Yes, this is a banal example, but it’s worth to realize that was I ate few seconds ago can influence how I feel after 5 minutes. This knowledge changed my approach to eating, I became more aware of what I eat and what is good for my body.

Coming back to the problem of overweight and various kinds of diseases, Ayurveda can help a lot here – at least it helped me a lot. The doctor said that I have hormonal problems and prescribed me a grass that beneficially affects the hormonal balance in women. It turned out that in my body I had a lot of toxins, so I got a special recipe to cleanse the toxins (ama in Sanskrit), which in turn cause unhealthy thoughts and adversely affect the chemistry of the body. In general the way we eat influences how we think, for this reason we understand why people with overweight usually also suffer from depression, and the more they eat, the worse they feel. It is a vicious circle from which it is difficult to leave, because it has become a habit. However, there is also good news: thoughts can be changed using the appropriate food, and thus food will have a positive impact on our health and to get and keep a healthy weight.

Understanding the importance of eating food from organic farms was a real revolution, because especially women can have hormonal problems related to the huge quantity of artificial chemical products we are bombarded every day. If we have a very sensitive body, even the smallest amount of chemical substances can harm us, and thus diseases starts to appear – overweight as well. My personal experience convinced me that my body is enough intelligent in order to heal itself, but if I give it the wrong fuel, the chances I lose weight and I get rid of acne are very poor.




Ayurveda is actually an integral part of yoga, that is why I received doctor prescribed about 10 different positions suitable to my needs that will support my treatment. Asanas are the perfect remedy and after an hour session I feel like a newborn, my body change is connected most of all with change in diet and yoga exercises. It is not about complicated stretching of the body and being for hours in strange positions, but more about focus and concentration. As a result, a body is changing in a conscious way and becomes simply healthy, vital and cleaned. We are what we eat, I want to put something more to this saying – our thoughts become what we eat. So if you eat trash, so become your thoughts, therefore for me my food choices are very important. If, for example we  usually eat meat from a normal store, you probably know that it contains stressful hormones which animal produced by living in a cramped cage, pain and suffering, eating food with various antibiotics and just before its death a lot of toxins and hormones are produced, so by eating a piece of this meat we will adsorb all these stress hormones into our bodies and after that we will feel nervous and anxiety (people do not think about it this way, but out food actually affects our whole life ;) As I have written, women are more delicate and the their bodies react immediately to various pollutants and therefore girls faster gain weight, weight loss, we have also skin problems and mood changes. So let’s be careful and if we eat meat choosing organic farmers is the best way to keep our body healthier, organic food also plays an important role when it comes to weight issues. I forgot to mention that white sugar should be eliminated from the diet, because it is very harmful. It is best to replace it with for eg. dates and bananas – dates are perfect even for baking. It only seems so at the beginning, that we would not survive without sweets. The body after a few weeks without sweets, cease to demand a daily dose of sugar. When we have a desire to eat something sweet, just reach for a healthy dates. Remember that white sugar works just like a drug – the body becomes week and cannot function without a daily dose of sugar. Sugar is no different from nicotine, alcohol and other addictive substances literally, it is only prettier and beautifully wrapped and served.


13 year old girl already on a diet!

A few days ago I received a message from a girl who is 13 years old and who already is overweight, of course she has also issues at school with other children at school because of her appearance.

Hello. I am 13 years old and am slightly overweight, friends laugh at me from the elementary school and call me fat. Now, as I went to high school, I wanted to loose weight during the holidays … but it did not happen, on the contrary I gained 3 kg. I managed to loose 3 kg gained during the holidays but I still have a big belly and thick thighs. Now I cannot loose weight anymore and it seems that I stuck in one place. I tried to reduce the amount of food, do more sport but still the weight does not decrease. Are you able to give me some advice?

A child at this age already restricts the amount of food, used diets and regularly exercises. In this case it is very likely that this is a hormonal problem and it does not surprise me – we live in a very polluted environment and frequently eat junk food. In Ayurveda it is not just about the hormonal balance, but also to balance the different elements in the body called doshas. Each of us has its own structure, so called prakriti and vikriti, when the doshas are in balance we are healthy, we have the ideal weight and feel good. If any of the elements is dominating or too little, then we feel worse, and our body begins to show different symptoms of the disease. Ayurveda, therefore, balances doshas, ​​and when the body is in balance, it has the ability to cope with diseases via the immune system, which works perfectly if the body is in balance.

If you can not find a good and trusted Ayurvedic doctor at home in the area you live, on the internet there are tests for the doshas – just write at Google “dosha test”. At the end of this test you will know more or less what dosha you are and what kind of diet you should apply to be in balance.


Each of us deserves to be lean and healthy, it is not worth believing in fairy tales about genetics – do not believe in words like “because, you know, my mom had the same issue”. These are all programs loaded into our subconscious mind most probably when we were kids, so it is worth to replace them with new beliefs that support us. Just believe that you too can be fit and slim. The body is really very clever, when I began to trust it and treat it with big love, it changed not only its appearance but also it become stronger and healthier. I hope you all now know how to have your dream body and this article will help you to find your own way to health and wealth. The good Ayurvedic is hard to find, I was already in several places in Warsaw and only one met my expectations, he was very thorough, attentive and accurately described the treatment. That’s why I also know from my personal experience that it is difficult to find a good specialist, but I also know that it is worth to invest in heath. Our bodies are very important and precious, you receive one for a lifetime and it’s worth it to take care to not only look great, but also to be flexible, healthy, vital and strong, that is as it should be.

In subsequent entries I’ll be moving different subjects, which are very interesting like how to take care of your body, health, hair, why I signed to pole dance and twine lessons, why I shorted my hair and many other interesting topics, including my own experience.

Of course, if you have any suggestions concerning future entries and are interested in the subject of how to take care of yourself from the global perspective, then you can write to me and I’ll try to include everything to the nect topics.


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