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Eco-friendly swimsuit | Sardinian beach

Freesk is a brand from Philippines which contacted me on Instagram in order to have a collaboration. This brand manufactures clothes and swimwear from organic materials (unfortunately not all models). In addition, I liked the philosophy of the company for which it is very important to comply with the Fair Trade Terms and implement it by buying materials from reliable suppliers, supervised by a special institution Fair Wear Foundation. FWF cares about people rights and promotes fair labor conditions in the clothing industry. As you can see the brand has a philosophy, which

Scoglio di Peppino beach | Sardinia

In this post, there are a lot of pictures and I really tried to reduce the amount, but they are so wonderful that I had no hart to remove any of them and decided to share with you all the shots. Sergio made a great impression on me with his incredible creativity. The place where the photo session was made is called Scoglio di Peppino beach in Sardinia. Photography