Decorate a bedroom

Decorate a bedroom

Contrary to appearances the bedroom arrangement is not an easy task. Currently on the market there is a huge selection of various accessories, colors and styles that it is easy to get lost.
I have already changed a lot in my bedroom, the pictures were taken a few weeks ago. Since that time I already bought decorations for the wall and I have ordered a wardrobe. Of course, I will show you everything and you’ll be able to evaluate the effects.
In the other hand, I decided to show what Seart bed I have chosen. The style is minimalist. As you can see we have black color, simple forms, that is exactly how I imagined it.
To render the right contrast and to change accordingly the interior I take advantage of the cool additions to the bedroom. I chose the Glam bedspread from Dekoria and the pillows in the same style. With such not expensive things we can completely change the character of the interior.

dekoria sypialnia

seart łóżko

biżuteria diva

dodatki dekoria

felicee sweter

Leggings – Felicee
Sweater – Felicee
Badspread, pillows – Dekoria


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