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And today rapaciously. As you noticed I like simplicity, combined with an interesting typeface or crazy accessories … I noticed that I love cat patterns. Surely you know that on Saturday I adopted a female cat from the animal shelter. Better not ask me how I called it. When I was with her at the vet, I wer asked her name 5 times: D Well my fantasy has no limits :) I decided that I love animals, just a pity that the cat is not a vegetarian, but it has

Decorate a bedroom

Contrary to appearances the bedroom arrangement is not an easy task. Currently on the market there is a huge selection of various accessories, colors and styles that it is easy to get lost. I have already changed a lot in my bedroom, the pictures were taken a few weeks ago. Since that time I already bought decorations for the wall and I have ordered a wardrobe. Of course, I will show you everything and you’ll be able to evaluate the effects. In the other hand, I decided to show what

On the chest

Much is happening so far… I am invited to various events, I try to keep up when it comes to fashion events and I am glad that I generally receive such information via email from 3rd party people. It is really very nice to receive mass emails. Recently I thought about the fact that fashion is growing beyond history. You can not control it, it is beyond the control of government and society. I mean that in fashion many important things happen simultaneously and this cannot be systematized. It is very