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Minimalism, gray, rustic | Favorite interiors

Minimalist style Too many ornaments and accessories are definitely not in my style, minimalism is what I like the most and the form plays the main role there. The main thing is geometry and simplicity underling strong lines. The beauty of the composition consists of whites, blacks and grays. The less, the better it is and the personality counts the most. Minimalism is designed for those brave and determined. Every time I leave my home, I remember to look in the mirror and see if I’m not wearing too many colors

Decorate a bedroom

Contrary to appearances the bedroom arrangement is not an easy task. Currently on the market there is a huge selection of various accessories, colors and styles that it is easy to get lost. I have already changed a lot in my bedroom, the pictures were taken a few weeks ago. Since that time I already bought decorations for the wall and I have ordered a wardrobe. Of course, I will show you everything and you’ll be able to evaluate the effects. In the other hand, I decided to show what

Revolution. My house is in ruins

Perhaps the title is too dramatic, but take a look at the pictures yourself :) Few words can describe my home – there is chaos, dirt and tragedy. In such a state the apartment was given to me by the constructor. I wonder how curious you are about how my flat looks right now? I do like to show you how big was the transformation that took place from an ugly duck to a beautiful swan. It was a nice adventure and not easy for me, but I’m happy with the results.