Minimalism, gray, rustic | Favorite interiors

Minimalism, gray, rustic | Favorite interiors

Minimalist style

Too many ornaments and accessories are definitely not in my style, minimalism is what I like the most and the form plays the main role there. The main thing is geometry and simplicity underling strong lines. The beauty of the composition consists of whites, blacks and grays. The less, the better it is and the personality counts the most. Minimalism is designed for those brave and determined. Every time I leave my home, I remember to look in the mirror and see if I’m not wearing too many colors and if everything fits together.
In my house is designed by the same principle – less is more. I buy only the best and simple things that will serve for years.



Trends for fall

Geometric forms and natural materials give a special cool climate and comfort – this is one of the trends for this fall, which is named cool country style. Long and dark evenings is the time to take care of our well-being. Nothing will improve the humor better as the free rustic humor with a touch of modern. I love the city life, but I miss the delights of the countryside, so I really enjoy this style at my home place and in clothing.


Gray in fashion and interiors

Gray and boring? Not at all! Gray has many shades from the darkest to the soft and delicate, so there can be no question of monotony. Some argue that this color is the new black. Gray is the key to sophisticated harmony. Saving measure is try to not overdo it. Monochromatic can be sensual and seductive. Thanks to the combination of interesting textures you can get a great, casual effect.


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