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Mini from TB Sport

Hmmm… lately from my posts you can think you may think that I’m crazy about mini dresses, but it is not entirely true. Unless it comes to those with TB Sport;) I really love the glasses of various shapes and colors. Lipsticks are an inseparabke part of my crazy world :) As you know, Lime Crime is my number 1 when it comes to color cosmetics. Once again… I amconvinced that from the United States we can purchase the best cosmetics, not necessarily well-known brand in


You have already seen this dress on my FB fanpage and now it’s time to show it on me ;) King Kong’s paws look very stylish. This is an unconventional piece of clothing, which I simply adore. It is a pity that I could not have this dress on my senior prom. I will not mention that I love the designer that creates Trash clothing. The name of the brand – Trash – is brilliant for me. With this I announce that there will be a lot

Póki nie ma mrozów…

Finally, it’s Saturday! I love this day so much and I love to spend this day in my favourite cafe with my friends and family. The best thing about Saturadys is that all the thoughts about my job, past and future are gone and I am absolutely relaxed enjoying my coffee and my fantastic life. I hope that you can see my happiness from the photos. On the pictures I am dressed in the fabulous ROCKGEWITTER leather jacket from Conley’s. The rock style