Divissima <3

Divissima <3

A really short post, but it is so sunny, I mean… the color of the photos is sunny ;) It’s somewhat retro style. Since I will be on the beach in summer I decided that it would be a good idea to show you my beach dress Divissima. I always thought that it is much better to buy beachwear in winter time. From my experience I see that that in the winter, contrary to appearances, there is a greater choice of interesting models. I noticed that during the summer all the girls have the same bikini bathing suit from H&M or Calzedonia, so I know that if I want something unique that looka good I have to search well. I have my favorite stores and I see that the high street shops are not necessarily the cheapest ones, and certainly not the best.

buty sequin

sukienka divissima

okulary 80sPurple

Shoes – Sequinshoes.pl
Dress – Divissima
Sunglasses – 80sPurple


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