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Divissima <3

A really short post, but it is so sunny, I mean… the color of the photos is sunny ;) It’s somewhat retro style. Since I will be on the beach in summer I decided that it would be a good idea to show you my beach dress Divissima. I always thought that it is much better to buy beachwear in winter time. From my experience I see that that in the winter, contrary to appearances, there is a greater choice of interesting models. I noticed that

Bunny Bleu look

The weather favors making new outfits, it is starting to be warm and sunny. This makes me happy, because it means that there will be more entries and looks in my blog, not to mention the great mood that spring brings. You’ve already seen the Bzik sweater in one of my previous posts and I decided to show it in a more loose style. As you can see I am wearing the Bunny Bleu flat sole shoes. I do not always like to wear heels, sometimes and

Rhum and Dominicana…

So … I have got Rum directly from the Dominican Republic. I like that kind of gifts, especially when they perfectly fit the mood of my look. I always loved feminine styles of dresses. This Kartes-moda dress is a great one. Business style and classy in one – such things are an integral part of my wardrobe. Surely you noticed the stylish 80sPurple glasses, what do you think about them? I know they are amazing …