10 things I love about Paris | Travels

10 things I love about Paris | Travels

I was in Paris during the holiday season, on this time of the year the city seemed even more magical than usual.
I’ll talk about 10 things that caught my attention during my trip, but also just about curiosities, which I wanted to share with you. Of course I am sure, that you have your own opinion and I will be glad if you will share your thoughts on the city, which collects the crowd of tourists every year.

  1. While walking through the streets of Paris, you can not notice its beautiful architecture. Each building is a piece of art and this is due to the exquisite Parisian taste. The buildings are stylistically aligned, but they have something original, distinguishing them from others. For example, my attention was drawn to wooden carved doors, which are very pretty. Often the doors are painted not as it seems to white or black shades, but on the contrary to intensive and very saturated colors as blue, green, pink or red.
  2. Another interesting thing, I noticed are cafes in Paris. All very nice and in their unique style. In December, the temperature was not encouraging to sit outside cafes, while many people consumed meals sitting on the terrace of a cafe. Quickly I have realized that the terraces are heated, so that people could as in the summer sit on the street and watch the passers-by. It is a really wonderful experience that I highly recommend you!
  3. I love Poland, but unfortunately here, we have limited access to good quality fruits and vegetables. On the streets of Paris, is a much larger selection of fruits, vegetables and greens in the winter than in the summer period in Warsaw. It’s not just about the number of all these things, but also about the quality, different types, as well as the kinds of vegetables, which in Poland are not sold at all.
  4. Real French pancakes are very thin and called Crêpes. The taste is different from pancakes, they are softer and more thin. Definately I prefer Crêpes!
  5. Regardless of the weather conditions all goods stores are spread out. It’s a bit dangerous, because often there is no place for the people to walk, on the other hand it is a great marketing ploy. I’m sure that the sales are higher and seeing all those juicy fruits and vegetables, makes you want to buy everything.
  6. The most beautiful shops are very small and painted manually. In general while strolling the streets you can see a mass of the people who paint doors, windows and walls of the buildings. Isn’t  it strange? Anyway, I loved it. You can see how much heart the residents of the city put into the decorations, which are very important and undoubtedly have a positive impact on customers purchasing humor. I checked it out myself!
  7. Paris Metro. This is one of the least favorite places in Paris and this is because of its dirt and non chic atmosphere at all. If it bothers you, I recommend you to move over the city with Uber, or by ordinary walk.
  8. A true Parisian chic when it comes to the way of dressing is not so easily to be found. Contrary to appearances, not all Parisian attach great importance to the dress code. If we want to be inspired by the style of a real Parisienne we can walk down the Saint Honoré street, where are located all the world’s boutiques, as well as gp to the Galeries Lafayette.
  9. In the subject of food, it is worth mentioning a divine cheese that can be ordered in almost any restaurant, which tastes the best with wine. It’s a real heaven. My favorite cappuccino in France looks and tastes quite different. Frankly, I prefer the Italian version of the drink with less milk foam and if you like more milk than coffee, certainly you’ll like more the French version. I have written about the Eiffel Tower and food available there in a previous article, you can read about it here: www.glamourina.net/en/eiffel-tower-tour-eiffel-paris/
  10.  La Basilique du Sacré Cœur de Montmartre – it is necessary to visit it. The basilica is located on a hill and when you enter there it feels amazing, you will feel the atmosphere of bliss and peace. Experience that can not be described in words – you have to check it out.

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