Lime Crime

Lime Crime

Hello my Loves!

I would like to show you the Lime Crime lipsticks, which I received by mail few days ago.
Maybe you’re wondering what’s my opinion about those lipsticks?!
Today I attended a nice seminar about self development… during the breaks I drank tea, ate biscuits, etc. The Lime Crime lipstick was on my lips, its color was Chinchilla. What do I think about it? The lipstick held up everything… I mean… I was happily shocked! It held up all day long, and the color stayed at its place! No need to refine it.  Am I happy? Well… actually I am more than happy, pity that I have only 3 colors from that brand (I’ll repair that soon ;) ).
Mmmmh, ok. Now some more details. The consistency – excellent! It is very light and pleasantly moisturizes your lips. What I also like is that you don’t even feel you have a lipstick on… just some tasty vanilla flavour.. and a feeling of soft and cared lips.

How does my interest for this company start from? I searched some nice and unusual colors in Polish shops, however I was not satisfied. Why? Nothing to choice from… no colors! Well,  I mean… not nice colors! Maybe I didn’t search well, but from my experience I can say that it is really very difficult to find good lipstick colors. Nothing more than pink, red or orange. Nor even Sephora satisfied my expectations, while I think that in the USA I would find something cool easily. Well.. to say the truth Lime Crime is a USA brand. May that’s why they are so cool? :D

The collection I have is called Lip Noir – Chinchilla, Styletto and Glamour 101 colors. The packaging suprised me – the best for present. You can’t imagine how beautiful packaging it is, I suggest you to google it or see their official web site. Stunning packaging, they not only care about the quality, beautiful  and original colors… they take care about the rest :) You :)
Lime Crime offers awsome colors: there are yellow, blue, powder and green colors! wooow…. The colors can be some kind of pastel or more intensive. Ahh… I think that it’s better if you look at the pictures and the colors yourself :) Watching colors is better than reading about colors.

That’s what I was looking for!



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