Chocolate mood

Chocolate mood

I adore the inventors of chocolate, even the white one. I like sweeties, but I do not belong to the people for whose a day without a dose of sugar is a total failure. The one I like the most is milky chocolate, however I know that it is not one of the healthies products. What can I say – in the markets it is hard to find natural and nutritious food. On the other hand, this whole story about thinking each time about every single meal doesn’t fascinate me. We know stress is much worse than unhealthy food. I choose, therefore, zero stress and a lot of a happiness in wonderful experience of life.
And now few words about this outfit. I am wearing Hunters – tasty chocolate color ;)
The K Maxx oversize striped sweater is a hit of this sseason. It is very warm and soft – it’s a great choice for winter! In this look the sweater replaces whatever dress. I matched this loose top with the Hunters and warm hold ups. The antique patterns on the ceramic Toledo earrings complete the whole, which is dominated by dark shades.

Sweater – K Maxx
Band – Soie
Earrings – Toledo
Hunters – Fashion Boutique


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