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Gray sweater & leather pants | Street style

I have combined a warm gray sweater with leather pants, classic black boots and a black coat.
How do you like this set?





Outfit | OOTD

Sweater – Orsay
Coat – Orsay
Shoes – Orsay
Bag – New Look
Pants – No name

Pythons, geckos and salamanders

Reptiles have always been a source of inspiration for humans – we associate them with the rapacity and timeless style. Mako Bag made of snake skin texture fits well with the beautiful black shiny Modex leather boots. The perfect set for a walk in the Glam style ;) I adore all kinds of tights in interesting colors. This time the scandinavian design conquered my heart. The K Maxx oversize sweater already appeared in one of the previous outfits. It is so cute that I had to show it again, this time in

Chocolate mood

I adore the inventors of chocolate, even the white one. I like sweeties, but I do not belong to the people for whose a day without a dose of sugar is a total failure. The one I like the most is milky chocolate, however I know that it is not one of the healthies products. What can I say – in the markets it is hard to find natural and nutritious food. On the other hand, this whole story about thinking each time about every single meal doesn’t fascinate me.