Surfer – new friendly personal massager by Smile Makers!

Surfer – new friendly personal massager by Smile Makers!

Some time ago I wrote about vibrators / personal massagers of Smile Makers brand.
I spoke also about how important it is to recognize negative beliefs in society about sexuality. Especially the sexuality of women is stigmatized, however fortunately, times are changing, and more and more people are more open for treating like a normal part of life. Quite unnecessarily we think this topic is weird or uncomfortable, rather than treating our sexuality as something natural.

Smile Makers believes that beauty begins with a smile and overall well-being of women. We know that when we are 100% satisfied and happy, this gives a direct impact on our sense of happiness and how we act in the day-to-day life.

The mission of the brand is to standardize products for sexual well-being and to recognize them as a natural, healthy part of life and care! I support this action with all of my heart, because undoubtedly sexuality affects all spheres of our lives, and thus society as a whole ;)

In the last article I didn’t share research results about sexuality, but I think they are quite interesting and give some deeper insight about how the approach of most woman for their sexuality changes:

“We talked to nearly 10 000 women from around the world. Their position was surprisingly similar. Women want to have more time for themselves and for their sexual pleasure. It turned out that the use of personal massagers is common; 20-50% of women have used them. Even those who have never used the personal massagers are very open minded and positive oriented, most of the woman are open to try. 90% of women supports a woman who has a personal massager and 60-90% would be happy to buy it. ”


Returning now to the topic of personal massagers, I wanted to show you new vibrator by Smile Makers which name is Surfer. It is a classic shape vibrator for external use.

In fact, it is very discreet but effective, it has 3 speeds + 1 Pulse mode. Unlike other vibrators by Smile Makers, this one is smaller and very classic ;)

Due to the affordable price this is of course a great gift for any occasion ;)


Contest on my Insta @gmamourina_official

Only now you can join a big contesct with Smile Makers:

  1. Add a photo with Surfer on your Instagram
  2. Tag me on the picture
  3. Add hashtag #smilemakersxglam

Surfer is not yet available for sale, but you can buy it in pre sale:

The results will be availbale very soon.


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