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Surfer – new friendly personal massager by Smile Makers!

Some time ago I wrote about vibrators / personal massagers of Smile Makers brand. I spoke also about how important it is to recognize negative beliefs in society about sexuality. Especially the sexuality of women is stigmatized, however fortunately, times are changing, and more and more people are more open for treating like a normal part of life. Quite unnecessarily we think this topic is weird or uncomfortable, rather than treating our sexuality as something natural. Smile Makers believes that beauty begins with a smile and overall well-being of women. We know

Complete care with Neutral | Review

I’m a big fan of natural cosmetics, so I agreed to test the Neutral products with a pleasure. Did you know that nearly 7 out of 10 Poles suffer from the skin hypersensitivity and allergies? The problem applies to both adults and children, and the causes are very different like a polluted environment, unhealthy lifestyle, allergies to certain odors or ingredients. Neutral provides a complete care not only for sensitive and allergic skin, but it works well also on normal skin. I have chosen to test three products, namely, washing powder Neutral

Bag(g)in Love

Quick shots close to my home ;) I love hats, even if I do not have many of them. What do you think about wearing hats on a daily basis? This one from HatHat is very nice, I love everything in it – form, style and the details. As you can see, I had with me a bag . I have just noticed that the pattern on the bag fits ideally the one on the  Deja vu watch. Hm…  did not even know that the final effect could be so nice. I fell in love with my watch, it is so great and fits everything. Golden is definitely my color, recently I am