Complete care with Neutral | Review

Complete care with Neutral | Review

I’m a big fan of natural cosmetics, so I agreed to test the Neutral products with a pleasure. Did you know that nearly 7 out of 10 Poles suffer from the skin hypersensitivity and allergies? The problem applies to both adults and children, and the causes are very different like a polluted environment, unhealthy lifestyle, allergies to certain odors or ingredients. Neutral provides a complete care not only for sensitive and allergic skin, but it works well also on normal skin.

I have chosen to test three products, namely, washing powder Neutral Main Wash, Liquid for washing colored fabrics and handwash gel. Being a fashion blogger means having a full wardrobe of clothes (not only one!) and I personally love to really care about my clothes. In addition, I have sensitive and very delicate skin. Usually washing powders contain a lot of chemicals that cause a skin irritation. Unfortunately, very few manufacturers offer detergents and cosmetics free of fragrances, parabens, dyes, brighteners and phosphates. And if you find such a product, the price is several times higher than normal.

Main Wash washing powder

This washing powder is especially recommended for people with allergies or sensitive skin. I can recommend you this powder, because it takes delicate care of my clothes and combined with the liquid to rinse, I have noticed that my stuff is soft and delicate in touch. A particularly important aspect is the lack of a strong odor characteristic for the usual laundry detergents. Perhaps reading this article, you think, but I like the smell of the powder after all! However, those are all chemicals that are harmful to the body. Of course, everyone has a choice.

Liquid for washing colored fabrics

Just like the previous product, washing liquid does not contain fragrances, dyes, brighteners, and phosphates. I read that this liquid contains enzymes that effectively cleans all stains and to confirm that I put into the washing machine flooded with the coffee shirt – it was waiting for some time for laundry. The product works because I still have that shirt. Although the fluid is especially recommended for people with sensitive and allergy-prone skin, I assume that also person with normal skin who care about their well-being, will definitely like it.

Handwash gel

I can wash my hands a lot of times a day, so it is important that the soap will not dry out the skin on the hands. I really love the soft feeling of my hands and the soap is very pleasant, good foaming and leaves the skin moisturized, does not contain dyes or fragrance and has a neutral pH level.

The products are free of fragrance, however I still feel a slight odor of the components. In fact, it is difficult to call it a minus, rather I wanted to accurately describe my feelings about the fragrance.

Just like my outfits, I like the simplicity and minimalism in the skin and clothes care. I think that thanks to the fact that the Neutral washing powder and skin care products contain a minimal amount of ingredients they are safer to use and I feel much better without all the chemicals.

If you want to try Neutral products and to check how they will work for you, they are available only in Rossmann drugstores.







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