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From the last contest on the blog I learned that many girls need high Sequin boots for thir full happiness. These are hiper tall and nice. Caramel color fits beautifully the Romwe coat in a similar shade. Shoes are not modest, the same for the coat. Additional 15cm height and short skirt look  fantastic together. Did you notice the Jelly Watch? Red nicely presents with bronze color. What’s more I have red Toledo earrings. The same has one my very cool friend;)

Black – everlasting fashion

I’ve always liked this color. Everyone looks thinner, more elegant and natural in black. When you do not want to combine with your outfit, it is better to opt for classic. The set from the pictures below is great for the cold weather. Oversized sweaters currently occupy the first place in my closet.  The top like this fits fabulously with the black booties and the knee-highs or gaiters. The Toledo Jewelry completed the stylization, so everything looks perfect together.

Chocolate mood

I adore the inventors of chocolate, even the white one. I like sweeties, but I do not belong to the people for whose a day without a dose of sugar is a total failure. The one I like the most is milky chocolate, however I know that it is not one of the healthies products. What can I say – in the markets it is hard to find natural and nutritious food. On the other hand, this whole story about thinking each time about every single meal doesn’t fascinate me.

Warsaw by night

Hi my friends! Lastly I was thinking about shooting some photos in absolutely darkness, when the sun is already gone. Well, I think it ia a good way to improve and keep achieving new goals. I mean not only in photography, but also in life. This time you can see a loose style and total comfort. The most intersting thing about this outfit is that you can find here a bit of elegance and romance, thanks to the handmade Soie band and loose Avaro sweater. My bitter choc