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Was it a Deja vu?

How often did you experience the feeling that somebody has already witnessed or experienced a current situation? Even though the exact circumstances of the previous experience are uncertain and were perhaps imagined. Well, for sure it is deja vu ;) Also this look has the element of something mysterious. First of all, it is a  Deja vu watch – this is the first version. In the next posts I’ll show you how a single watch can every time look completely different. I mean

Chocolate mood

I adore the inventors of chocolate, even the white one. I like sweeties, but I do not belong to the people for whose a day without a dose of sugar is a total failure. The one I like the most is milky chocolate, however I know that it is not one of the healthies products. What can I say – in the markets it is hard to find natural and nutritious food. On the other hand, this whole story about thinking each time about every single meal doesn’t fascinate me.

Warsaw by night

Hi my friends! Lastly I was thinking about shooting some photos in absolutely darkness, when the sun is already gone. Well, I think it ia a good way to improve and keep achieving new goals. I mean not only in photography, but also in life. This time you can see a loose style and total comfort. The most intersting thing about this outfit is that you can find here a bit of elegance and romance, thanks to the handmade Soie band and loose Avaro sweater. My bitter choc 

Wellingtons – useful footwear

I would like to dedicate today’s post to the stylish wellies, which are a hit in the last several season. Here in Poland there are different thoughts about them. We know that also stars wear this kind of footwear, but the good thing is that they are comfortable and useful! They are especially useful for rain or to walk where there is water or mud… and here in Poland we can meet these situations quite often. I still don’t have my pair of wellies, but I plan to have some