Was it a Deja vu?

Was it a Deja vu?

How often did you experience the feeling that somebody has already witnessed or experienced a current situation? Even though the exact circumstances of the previous experience are uncertain and were perhaps imagined.
Well, for sure it is deja vu ;)

Also this look has the element of something mysterious. First of all, it is a  Deja vu watch – this is the first version. In the next posts I’ll show you how a single watch can every time look completely different. I mean to be in a different style, color and even size.

In this set you can see loose Novamoda sweater. It is very warm and elegant and fit the leather pants Gatta perfectly.
Noteworthy is the elegant Portfelik leather bag in dark brown color. It is a very qulitative, capacious and lovely. I think this bag is a great accessory not only for work, but also is a stylish part of any wardrobe.

Sweater – Novamoda.pl
Leather pants – Novamoda.pl
Bag – Portfelik.pl
Watch – Deja vu
Hunter boots – Fashion Boutique


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