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A lot of things is going on right now in my life, but I really like when it is this way, the high speed life is so interesting ;) I have found some nice pictures from Fashion & Style Gala, which I should share with you, love them so much. Notice the watch on my hand. Deja vu always amazes me. This time classic black with a retro spark. Kisses and a have nice week!

Was it a Deja vu?

How often did you experience the feeling that somebody has already witnessed or experienced a current situation? Even though the exact circumstances of the previous experience are uncertain and were perhaps imagined. Well, for sure it is deja vu ;) Also this look has the element of something mysterious. First of all, it is a  Deja vu watch – this is the first version. In the next posts I’ll show you how a single watch can every time look completely different. I mean