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10 things I love about Paris | Travels

I was in Paris during the holiday season, on this time of the year the city seemed even more magical than usual. I’ll talk about 10 things that caught my attention during my trip, but also just about curiosities, which I wanted to share with you. Of course I am sure, that you have your own opinion and I will be glad if you will share your thoughts on the city, which collects the crowd of tourists every year. While walking through the streets of Paris, you can not notice its beautiful architecture.

Amsterdam canals & Amstel | Amsterdam

No. 1 tourist attraction in Amsterdam is a canal cruising. Every year millions of visitors get on board of various tourist boats to admire the city on the water. Also, I had the opportunity to make this trip and I highly recommend this experience to anyone who will be ever in Amsterdam. During the tour you can see the famous houses on the water. Amsterdam is famous for its floating homes where a population of about 5000 people lives. These boats are very charming, in principle they make no different from normal