Kohvik Sinilind Cafe | Tallinn

Kohvik Sinilind Cafe | Tallinn

Tallinn is a city full of wonderful and relaxing places, where you can eat a huge dinner, a small delicious snack or just jump for some coffee.
One afternoon while visiting the capital, we decided to take a break and stop at Kohvik Sinilind Cafe, which was located right next to our hotel. The first few days we didn’t notice this amazing place, because from the outside we could not see what wonders it hides.
It was a little cold, so a cup of hot chocolate definitely would have helped me and Sergio like always wanted something to eat;) Inside the Kohvik Sinilind cafe there is an amazing atmosphere. I really like all retro designs, that’s why the interior is definitely perfect to my taste. And how do you like it?

Photography Sergiofoto.pl







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