Kombinezon AreYouFashion

Kombinezon AreYouFashion

Finally after a rainy week the sun is shining in the sky and we can put our jackets and rain boots back in the closet :) Today I want to show you this elegant airy look. I dreamed about having this kind of jumpsuit and finally I am happy to have it, wear it and show it to you.
I really like similar models of summers jumpsuit, especially less elegant made of flax and cotton, but I still didn’t find anything that fits the price and quality I am looking for.
This jumpsuit is very elegant and what’s more it has a wonderful coral color. This jumpsuit can be found in the AreYouFashion web store. The hat I am wearing in this look was bought on sale and I think it fits very well in this look.
The jewelry comes from the Diva shop, which luckily is near my house :)

Kombinezon AreYouFashion
Kombinezon koralowy
Kombinezon koralowy
Botki Asos
Kombinezon koralowy
Kombinezon AreYouFashion
Kepelusz Parfois
Kapelusz niebieski
Biżu diva

Jumpsuit – AreYouFashion
Jewelry- Diva
Hat – Parfois


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