Concrete city

Concrete city

I love photo shoots in the middle of nature, however this time my pictures are in the middle of concrete :)
As it is in every city, concrete occupies most of the space; there is no space for forest, lakes nor fields… what can we do, this is the place for civilization. I love the city, but I love also the nature.
Such are the considerations and thoughts that come to mind today. Perhaps the biggest advantage of living in a big city is that there are more opportunities for professional development, which means higher earnings;)
I do not wear skirts on a daily basis, but I liked so much the model from the photos below, so I am more likely to wear it. TB Sport has a great selection of clothes and excellent prices, I am have to know they sell on Allegro.
The HeReJ jacket combined with this skirt create a harmonious duo, the colors matched with each others and created a wonderful mix. The rear of the jacket is unique, you can not pass by anybody dressed this way. I couldn’t resist to bring with me my favorite tail DOLLS KILL. It is great and very soft.
I combined the set with a strong eye makeup, it gave the whole a character. The DetoxDesign handmade necklace has an unusual shape.

Jacket – HeReJ
Skirt – TB Sport
Foxtail – DOLLS KILL
Necklace – DetoxDesign
Boots – LuuLuu


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