Furla Elisabeth Tote Bag in red leather | Street fashion

Furla Elisabeth Tote Bag in red leather | Street fashion

I’ve always had a very slim waist and wide hips. Unfortunately, at first, I did not appreciated my figure, because it seemed to me that I would be much happier if I would be more boyish shaped.
Time passed before I learned to appreciate what I have. Media dictate different images of the ideal women and femininity, you can get lost in all of this and constantly strive for excellence, forgetting the ordinary happiness. Of course, I agree that we should work on ourselves & exercise our bodies to not only to look good, but also keep the body and mind in a good shape. So it is good to take care of body etc., but the main reason for it should be our health & wealth.

Furla Elisabeth Tote Bag

And now a few words about my outfit. I’m wearing a classic and a short top. Particularly noteworthy is a beautiful handbag by Furla, this model is called – Furla Elisabeth Tote Bag. The bag is very comfy, because it has a long strap so that you can wear it in different ways.


Photography Sergiofoto.pl









 Styling | OOTD

Jacket – New Look
Top – New Look
Jewelry – New Look
Jeans – Orsay
Shoes – No name
Bag – Furla Elisabeth Tote Bag in red
Shirt – New Look


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