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ZARA pants | Street fashion

After I started being a fitness girl and do sports very intensively, obviously my style changed a bit. Now it is more sporty and casual and I started to like ZARA clothes, because there are a lot of things that emphasize my feminine shapes. Photography        

Can’t even Hollister bodysuit | Street fashion

Lastly I am choosing simple sporty but chic look. As always I have very nice skinny jeans and Nike Air Max shoes.  In this look you can see my new sunglasses by Jimmy Choo from Edel Optics, I’ll show you the details in the next posts. Can’t even bodysuit is by Hollister, I adore their stuff because they fit my figure and materials the clothes is made of is just fabulous. Photography    

Khaki maxi dress| Street fashion

Styling with a simple khaki maxi dress. How do you like personalized jacket, which I got from New Look? ;)






Styling | OOTD

Dress – New Look
Shoes – New Look
Personalized jacket – New Look

No coffee no worked | Street fashion OOTD

By this look I have used very nice tshirt and leggings by a known streetwear brand Who Cares. Thirt “No coffee no worked” in the main role – in my opinion it perfectly describes my lifestyle. It’s hard to begin a day without cup of a good Italian coffee ;) Photography        

High waist jeans by New Look, black body i lace bra

Today’s styling is more calm than the previous one, while both have something in common, it’s a small detail which is a decorative bra by Senveniu brand of course.






Styling | OOTD

Jeans – New Look
Shoes – Adidas Originals
Bodysuit – New Look
Bra – Senveniu

Unicorn Water Cup & mom jeans | Street fashion

You’ll see me in an unusual styling, because this is maybe the first time I show up on the blog in my new mom jeans. Mom jeans are just brilliant to emphasize the feminine figure, but at first glance I was not convinced, if this style suits me. By the way if you are looking for a cool cup for your favorite beverage, I highly recommend to visit New Look shop, there’s really coll stuff. You will find there true miracles! ;) My cup is for true unicorn of course! :)