Holiday in Sardinia | Striped skirt

Holiday in Sardinia | Striped skirt

This is another post with pictures of beautiful Sardinia. This time I wanted to share with you my impressions from the holiday. You wrote me that all images look amazing and it seems that I spend the best holiday of my life. Although actually it was great and I am glad that my great joy can be seen on the blog, now I have plans to fulfill my other dream journey, which will be even more breathtaking.

What are my perfect holiday?

In the past I used to think that I needed a lot of rush and noise, in fact the noise of the big city and civilization were perfect for me. Now that I changed totally my lifestyle, I must admit that I am more a wild nature lover and I can get really rest only when I am surrounded by the sea, lakes, or forests. In Sardinia the area for relax was the beach and the ​​blue & crystal clear sea.

I used to think that the scope of holidays is to constantly move around, get tired physically, walk continuously throughout the day to feel the satisfaction that I saw everything and toured all I could. My attitude was more aimed at achieving the concrete goal, I had a vacation plan, which I needed to follow strictly. Since that time I learned to relax more spontaneously. Yes, it is still important for me the aspect of my body and the total physical condition, I noticed that one hour of yoga a day is more effective than hours spent in the gym. Most important, however, is that I learned to feel what are the needs of my body and to give it time when it is tired & needs rest, but also to start practicing then when needed.

So I changed my city holiday to the islands, forests and remote villages, where time flows at a different pace. In my case vacation in the big city do not work because there is no place for peace and being united with myself, which I desperately needed.

Holiday in Sardinia

I have already mentioned a few important points of my ideal vacation and probably you will not be surprised that all this was part of my stay in Sardinia. I practiced yoga, I was visiting slowly without a rush all the beautiful places of this wonderful island. I spent my time in nature – in the mountains and the sea. For me it was a wonderful time, which gave me the opportunity to totally regenerate and through yoga practice to calm my senses.











 Styling | OOTD

Skirt – Orsay
Hat –
Shoes – New Look
Top – New Look


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