Breathtaking views in Sardinia | Monte Lora

Breathtaking views in Sardinia | Monte Lora

When I first came to Sardinia and saw for the first time in my life, I traveled by car from Cagliari, I had the opportunity to admire the views from the car window, that immediately conquered my heart.

Looking at these pictures, I remember the feeling that accompanied me during the first trip, an amazing Sardinian wildlife, air and mountains covered with green plants. In this photo shoot in the background there is the legendary Monte Lora mountain, also known as “La Sfinge”. This mountain has always attracted attention of  local people and tourists. In fact, nothing strange, only a quick look at it gives an interesting picture of a woman’s head carved in stone. If youlook deeper you will see nose, open mouth and the whole head. It is said that Monte Lora served as a docking ring for Noah’s ark and at its base there is a powerful source of energy.

In that very moment I felt the sun on the skin (then still very pale), which literally wanted to burn it. In general, it was a feeling like being in a desert, Sardinian summers are very hot and the temperatures rise really high, so the best idea is to spend each day at the beach. But this time I have abandoned the cooling water, in order to receive those divine pictures.




Niesamowite jest to jak bardzo góra przypomina kobiecą głowę, patrzącą wysoko w niebo…





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