How to recognize an authentic Kenzo sweatshirt. How to spot a fake? | #jestemautentyczny

How to recognize an authentic Kenzo sweatshirt. How to spot a fake? | #jestemautentyczny

First of all, let’stake a close look at the fabric. Authentic Kenzo sweatshirt should be made of soft cotton knitted outside, and underlined with nice and soft in touch fluff. Counterfeits would be made of much more stiff and dense fabric, not as pleasant in touch as in real Kenzos.



There are two types of seams which may appear in authentic Kenzo sweatshirt: first one is overlock seam. Such joining might be indicated on the sides, sleeve line and  stitchings of women sweatshirt from last Kenzo collection. Atother type is double or triple needle seam which appears with feather stitches and in the upper part of the back.

Jumpers from men collection have no overlock seams, only double or triple needled which makes them almost impalpable. Faulty jumpers have very thick seams, visible with the bareeye. Such “cheap” seaming is a very characteristic feature of counterfeits and often  determines verification of product’s authenticity.


It’s time to analize the most important part of our sweatshirt: tone on tone tiger embroidered image. First to considerare the colors. Look at the green, counterfeit jumper; colors used in replicas do not match original ones. E.g. tiger’s jaw and fangs should be dark blue, and KENZO inscription – orange.

Now look at the letter “Z”. The original one should have slight indentation in the upper part, on the right. Another important thing is the shape of tiger’s nose. You can observe that its top should be round curved, as you can see on the grey sweater.


Time for labels.


First label is stitched inside the back part of the neckline. Pictures above and below show two original Kenzo jumpers: one from the last year’s collection, another one – from the newest line.

First things first: quality. The label should be smooth in touch. It should be stitched even and flat. If you are not familiar with the described image, look at the picture below (picture 2).

Last, but not least: the font and placing of inscription. Counterfeit has visibly clumsy KENZO pushed to the side.

Another label is an inside tag on which way of correct washing and drying are specified. It should be stitched along with the sweatshirt sides; counterfeit would have it stitched afterwards, here with white thread.

Labels in authentic Kenzo jumpers (picture 1 and 3) inform that the piece was “Made in Portugal”, and below it that it is a “Modèledéposé” (which in French means nothing else but “registered design”), 100% cotton and information symbols about the way of washing, ironing etc. At the very bottom you can see unique Internal Branding code.

You can also spot tiny round tags with information about the quality control (their presence means that an item passed the control successfully) – number of labels means the number of quality verifications. As you can see, grey sweatshirt is well examined and as authentic as possible :). And what about faKENZO? As I have already stated, the label was stitched after sewing all jumper’s parts together, with brutally white thread (as if it was not enough!). Information contained are undertandible probably only for its producers.


The last tag, this time made of paper. It should be attached to the inner label with a lace and additionally sealed. Such construction means that the sweater is brand new. Pay attention to the fact that there is more than one piece of paper (in fact there are three of them), as you can see below (picture 1). First one is shaped as a bag with inscribed KENZO PARIS, second single one also marked with the same inscription, and the third one with bar code (the code has to be exactly the same as the one on the inner label).

Let’s now check the fake green jumper’s paper label. Instead of lace it has a strand attached to the label with safety pin. Lonely single paper tag shows inscription in incorrect colors and fonts.

Thanks for the materials used in this article. 


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  1. 1) Shiy wrote:

    Please help I have bought a Kenzo men’s sweatshirt from raffaello network
    but it haves everything you have mention but there’s 1 thing I find that looks a bit off , the size label seem to be in the wrong place it’s not on the actual kenzo label it’s stitched on the shoulder I’m not sure if it meant to be like as I have never owned or seen a kenzo labels before
    Please help
    Thank you

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  3. 8) Joyce wrote:

    Hi, your article was really helpful to help me recognize an authentic. I have received a sweatshirt as a gift and everything seems to fall in place except for 1. The label has no size on it, could you help me on this? Thank you in advance

  4. 10) Katy wrote:

    I bought a Kenzo jumper that claims to be genuine but I am not sure! I can’t find the exact jumper on the net to even compare can you email me so I can show some photos? Thanks!

  5. 12) Esther wrote:

    Hi, I’m planning to buy a Kenzo sweatshirt but I’m not sure if it’s authentic. Could you help me? :)

  6. 14) anil wrote:

    Coud you please help me ! I just bought a kenzo sweater but i realy dont know if it is authentic :(

  7. 19) Maleek wrote:

    I have a new kenzo I purchased Frm a ebay seller can you help me determine if authentic

  8. 22) Marcus wrote:

    Hi there, thanks for the tips!
    Can you help me verify if this person’s kenzo sweatshirt is real?


  9. 25) Mary wrote:

    Hi! I’m planning to buy a Kenzo swetshirt but I’m not sure if it’s authentic, can you help me please?

  10. 29) Monika wrote:

    Hi i just bought jumper on ebay,and Im not sure now if is genuine,please help me.Is kenzo jumper just with eye.thank you Regards

  11. 31) Susan wrote:

    I want to buy a Kenzo sweater with the Eiffel Tower, not sure if there are replica’s of it. It seems authentic but the label gives me a feeling that’s fake. Can you please take a look? Thank you.

  12. 35) sam wrote:

    hello pls legit check on my kenzo sweater .is it authentic?

  13. 36) wrote:

    Hi I’m about to buy a Kenzo sweater from Depop, it costs a lot so I would really appreciate it if i could send you some pictures? many thanks

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