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How to recognize an authentic Michael Kors wallet. How to spot a fake? | #iamauthentic

The previous article about an authentic Kenzo sweatshirt can be read here: “HOW TO RECOGNIZE AN AUTHENTIC KENZO SWEATSHIRT | #JESTEMAUTENTYCZNY” FABRIC Michael Kors brand manufactures the bags and wallets using fabric (usually branded with MK logos) and natural leather. If you are looking at the fabric, make sure that the logo is even. It is a really common thing for me to see the logo/print displacement in counterfeited products. Even if the wallet was purchased in the outlet (or discounted) –

How to recognize an authentic Kenzo sweatshirt. How to spot a fake? | #jestemautentyczny

First of all, let’stake a close look at the fabric. Authentic Kenzo sweatshirt should be made of soft cotton knitted outside, and underlined with nice and soft in touch fluff. Counterfeits would be made of much more stiff and dense fabric, not as pleasant in touch as in real Kenzos. Material  Seams There are two types of seams which may appear in authentic Kenzo sweatshirt: first one is overlock seam. Such joining might be indicated on the sides, sleeve line and  stitchings of women sweatshirt from last Kenzo collection. Atother type is double or