Review of be organic cosmetics | Eye Serum, face cream, body butter

Review of be organic cosmetics | Eye Serum, face cream, body butter

My great passion is to live in harmony with nature. As you know I love to travel to the most beautiful places of our planet, admiring what nature has created (many pictures you can find on Instagram and here on the blog). Forests, seas, lakes, meadows – I love all these places that give us a chance to spend a while in the fresh air away from the city. My love for nature is also associated with a certain worldview and philosophy, which I believe in.
I try to eat naturally and live healthy, but also important for me are the beauty products that I use. I treat them just as strictly as food, because the skin is the biggest part of our body and needs maximum care.

Recently I was able to test natural cosmetics by be organic. I checked the body butter, face cream and eye serum. In this post I will explain something more about the action of each each product.


Body Butter – Clary sage & Japanese ginkgo

This products suits me perfectly. Usually, all body butters which I have tried are not right for me, because they leave a thin oily layer, which is felt on the body throughout the day, especially during the heat it is very uncomfortable. This time, I was pleasantly surprised. Be organic body butter not only moisturizes and nourishes the skin very well, but also leaves no greasy traces. The advantage of the product is a nice fresh smell.

It is worth mentioning that the product contains 98.5% of natural ingredients. Clary sage extract moisturizes, Japanese ginkgo firms, shea butter and vitamins W-C-F nourish and rejuvenate the skin. After applying the butter on the body I have noticed that the skin becomes healthy in color and radiant. I will definitely continue to use and recommend it. As for the packaging, a curiosity was to find in the middle of the package the clary sage seeds – as a fan of herbs and spices I have particularly liked such a surprise. I hope that soon you’ll see on my Instagram some pictures of plants ;)




Face cream – cocoa butter & hyaluronic acid

Another product that I was able to test was a face cream with cocoa butter and hyaluronic acid. Immediately I will say that I am very happy with this product and so far this is my top product for the face care. Now I will explain you why.
In the visible below photo, you can see the package where I have also found some seeds with herbs – this time coriander seeds. The cream has a light texture, absorbs quickly and leaves no traces, but the coolest result for me is a very strong hydration without the effect of blocked pores, which in the case of oily skin is very important. The cream is designed specifically for dry and mature skin. It perfectly acts in case of tired skin, after applying I noticed that I look more radiant and the skin has a healthy shine and a nice shade even without primer.

I am also very convinced with the ingredients:

  • Cocoa butter – prevents water loss,
  • Myramyze – rejuvenation,
  • Hyaluronic Acid – smoothing of wrinkles,
  • Goji Berries – stimulation,
  • Extract of Vines – anti-aging action,
  • Organic jojoba oil – hydration,
  • Organic argan oil – firming,
  • E-C-F Vitamin complex – rejuvenation.

Also, this cream has a lovely fresh aroma, making the use a real feast for the senses. Very important to me is the smell of cosmetics. By the way natural flavors can not be replaced by synthetic ingredients in my opinion.





Eye Serum – macadamia natural oil & Centella

Very nice product that I will definitely continue to use. As you know, the skin around the eyes is very delicate and even very young people need for to care about it in advance. We usually start to take care of ourselves with a slight delay, which of course affects the results. Serum is a type of cosmetic with has a very light texture and is quickly absorbed, leaving delicate skin around the eyes perfectly moisturized and increasing its flexibility. Centella contained in the serum is responsible for the skin firming.

This eye serum has, in my opinion, a neutral smell (I can not feel it at all), which is especially good for people who do not like strong aromas or are allergic to some kind of smells (of course you should always test the products on the small areas of your body to be secure). The manufacturer promises a visible lifting effect after 1 hour of use. In my case it is hardly visible, because I have no major problems with the skin around the eyes. I can confess that the skin after application has a completely different quality, it is more radiant and hydrated.



This post was written in collaboration with be organic brand.


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