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Zuii Certified Organic Cosmetics | Review

As you all know I love organic and natural cosmetics. I recently learned about Zuii cosmetics, this brand is from Australia and produces certified organic cruelty free cosmetics. I am very happy that we have more and more natural cosmetics, which are not only environment but also animal and skin friendly. Not since today we know that the healthier food ingredients and cosmetics are, the better is for our health. With a great pleasure I’ll show you these wonderful products, as well as my makeup which I managed to do with the

Review of be organic cosmetics | Eye Serum, face cream, body butter

My great passion is to live in harmony with nature. As you know I love to travel to the most beautiful places of our planet, admiring what nature has created (many pictures you can find on Instagram and here on the blog). Forests, seas, lakes, meadows – I love all these places that give us a chance to spend a while in the fresh air away from the city. My love for nature is also associated with a certain worldview and philosophy, which I believe in. I try to eat naturally

Beauty without cruelty. Natural skincare us paraben, silikon, parafin, SLS, SLES. How to check INCI?

It is difficult for a more annoying marketing strategies than pretending that a product is different than it is in the reality. Recently I noticed that some cosmetic brands pretend to seem ecological, natural and organic from the outside, but in fact when we look at the ingredients there is nothing natural inside. This is really very important to read the INCI ingredient list that is located on the back side of the pack, because usually we buy something that can be unhealthy for the same or smaller price than