Sport outfit with pendant Medusa

Sport outfit with pendant Medusa

My loves!

I don’t want you to think that I never wear “sporty”… for this reason I decided to show you sport clothing in my release.
I feel so well with this kind of clothing. Also this time I have chosen stronger colors, because as you know colors are a very important “ingredient” in our life, and… well, I love colors! I wouldn’t be myselft without them :)
The top is branded Reebok as well as the shoes. This is the well known Reebok Easy Tone. Easy Tone from Reebok is designed for women. The shoes have a special sole which makes our muscles train and get stronger…. the only thing to do? Nothing, just walk the street, go to shopping, the shoes do everything for you. Does it sound cool?
I decided to try those shoes. I especially like their look and colors. I love them so muuuch :)

Luckily I had also a wonderful bag from HO::LO. So luck because the colors are the same as the shoes :) Shoes + bag = wow :D

What do you think about this beautiful Medusa Art necklace ? Isn’t it cool? These are 1 piece only exemplars. You cannot find a duplicate item, nor similar. So… you won’t find mine, but many others, still so nice :)

If you are interested in my lipstick, the color is called Chinchilla and it comes from Lime Crime. Look my other looks, I have some other looks with Glamour101 and Styletto colors!!

Pendant – Medusa Art
Bag – HO::LO
Shoes, top – Reebok
Lipstick – Lime Crime


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